About Exceed Care: Premier Home Healthcare Provider in Calgary

Synonymous with Quality and Affordable Caregivers in Calgary

Exceed Care believes everyone deserves high-quality and affordable in-home care services in Calgary

At Exceed Care, a leading home healthcare provider in Calgary, we believe in delivering top-notch, affordable in-home care services. Our team of expert caregivers in Calgary is dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations by offering compassionate and reliable care. As a trusted home healthcare provider, our focus is on enhancing independence and well-being, thereby improving the lives of our clients and their families in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Our Team: Dedicated Caregivers in Calgary

Driven by compassion for the current state of home care services in Canada, our diverse group of professionals came together with a common goal. As caregivers in Calgary, we put the needs of our clients first, ensuring they receive the best care possible.

Our Core Team Members:


A nurse with years of hands-on experience and a heart to go over and above. Mercy’s loyalty to her work, her team, and her clients make her invaluable.

Mercy - Health Care Specialist at Exceed Care
Sophi - Handle HR and Accounting at Exceed Care

HR & Accounting

A recruitment specialist who believes in creative solutions. Sophi’s desire to connect and equip her team with the tools they need to succeed are paramount to her.

Business Development

An engineer and entrepreneur who is committed to triple-checking that all procedures work smoothly and effectively. George is the go-to guy when the sky is falling.

George - An engineer and entrepreneur handling business development at Exceed Care
Jill - A contracts specialist handles Marketing and creates strategy at Exceed Care

Customer Care Navigator

A front-end professional who has the special ability to turn a rainy day into sunshine and roses. Prompt and dependable, Heather will not drop the ball. Find out by giving her a call.

     Our Mission: A Commitment to Quality Caregiving in Calgary

“As a home healthcare provider, Exceed Care is dedicated to offering personalized, compassionate, and high-quality support to those in need. We maintain professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct, embodying the qualities expected of leading caregivers in Calgary. Our goal is to enhance our clients' lives, affirm their independence, and ensure their loved ones feel secure and reassured.”

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