In the realm of personalized home healthcare, Exceed Care stands as a leading provider in Calgary and Southern Alberta. The focus is on ensuring that you have the utmost control and choice over your home care services, all thanks to their innovative program – the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program (CDHCI).


Empowering Choice and Control

The CDHCI program offers a groundbreaking solution for those approved or eligible for AHS Public Home Care services. It provides the freedom to select your preferred private home care provider without the tedious process of submitting invoices for reimbursement. Here's how it works: when you arrange the services you need with Exceed Care, they take care of the rest. They will directly bill AHS through Alberta Blue Cross, making it an incredibly hassle-free process. Starting from January 2023, anyone approved for public home care services can switch to CDHCI to unlock a world of options.

A Holistic Approach to Home Care

CDHCI is more than just invoicing; it's about the holistic well-being of individuals. It covers a wide range of services, including personal care, homemaking, and respite care up to the authorized monthly hours. Regardless of whether you are approved for self-managed care or public home care, CDHCI offers the liberating choice to select a provider that genuinely comprehends and caters to your unique needs. This program is designed to put the power back in your hands, offering a personalized approach to home healthcare.

Benefits of the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program

Saying goodbye to the headaches of managing home care expenses and administrative responsibilities has never been easier, thanks to CDHCI. Exceed Care takes on the role of managing your billing, eliminating the need for you to pay out of pocket and deal with the cumbersome process of submitting invoices for reimbursement. This newfound convenience allows you to shift your focus to what matters the most – your health and well-being.

Furthermore, CDHCI empowers you to select your preferred home care provider, someone who truly understands your unique needs. It's a game-changer in the world of home healthcare, putting control and choice back where they belong: in your hands.


The Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program by Exceed Care offers a revolution in the way home care services are managed. It liberates individuals from the burdens of billing and empowers them to choose the provider who best aligns with their unique needs. If you are eligible for AHS Public Home Care, this program can transform your home care experience.

In 2023, take the first step towards a more personalized and convenient home care experience. Contact Exceed Care today to learn how the CDHCI program can make a significant difference in your life. Your well-being is their top priority, and with CDHCI, they ensure that you receive the exceptional care you deserve, with the added benefit of simplified billing and financial peace of mind.

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